Given the alarming increase in violence in the contemporary world, the significance of recognizing a Day for Peace and Non-violence is undeniable. While there is a lot of speculation regarding the reasons for such a growing trend of aggression, especially amongst the youth, the actual nee

Almost all of us are habituated to celebrate the Teacher’s day throughout our childhood years, and beyond for those of us who continue to be associated with schools. However, often the significance of this day tends to get eroded in our hectic lifestyles, merely being isolated to a holiday...

All returning students requiring to renew their FIRST AID or BELS certification may avail today of a discounted rate as a loyalty concession for additional $10 lesser the Autumn special's rate.

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The onset of winters is welcomed with warmth. Though it’s a season of cold and flu, it is also the time when the highest number of heart diseases gets diagnosed. Health experts say that almost 50 per cent more heart attacks are reported in winters.

As per the WHO Global status report on road safety 2015, India is only second to China when it comes to the number of people who die in road accidents. Indian roads account for nearly 400 deaths a day, which equates to one precious life lost every 3.6 minutes.

SAAS learning management system is known as the most powerful tool at the present time. This is very effective and able to provide you result within lowest time period.
We are excited that you are interested in the world of cosmetology. You will forget that you’re attending school because our cosmetology program is filled with exciting and interesting tools, techniques, and ideas. We want our students to get the proper education to succeed in school as well as go above and beyond to have the best future career.  We are passionate about the cosmetology industry and our facility; including our students, staff, and guests. Come grow with us and jump start your career today!
As soon as a student steps into the final years of schooling, the thought of the approaching board exams seems to be one of the most consuming entities in their lives. From their parents worrying about the results, the teachers grinding them to complete the study matter, and the students...